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Nomin Domdin, CFA Level II Candidate

Nomin Domdin: Works with a broking firm in Ulan Bator

It was not a long ago I went to India to study. I was one of the students who were awarded the Indian Government Scholarship. As we know, it’s not for everyone to get this opportunity and I left home with a lot of dreams and hopes.

But what I realized after a few months in India was that it is not so hard or challenging to do a course, I was given, B.Com in Costing. Thus, I started searching for something else which can benefit me better. I was in several different English courses since I’m from a country where people don’t speak in English. Also, joined a yoga class with a wonderful instructor I ever had. But the most important advancement I did to myself was to start pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

I remember the day I was told about this charter and introduced to Utkarsh Jain through one of my teachers. I admit that I wouldn’t dare to start preparing for the CFA examination without him. He really had a forward-looking opinion regarding my future employment back home in Mongolia. His motivation was unflinching and his teaching skill was excellent.

Now, whenever I recall the days studying until the sun rises, attending those fun and practical sessions at FinTree, and getting nervous while talking to my batch mates about how hard the exam would be, I feel so good. You know when we with others who are going in the same direction, it’s hardly to take a wrong way or waste time to try finding a closer way. It is one of the benefits which FinTree offers.

Today, I’m back home and working for a broker-dealer firm. Truly saying, it was not difficult to get this job as I mentioned that I cleared CFA Level I at the interview. Whatever I’ve gone through in CFA curriculum is getting used at my workplace. Moreover, it’s been helpful for my study here since the company offered me a flexible schedule due to my urge to get a Diploma in Financial Management.

In short, I’m thankful to Incredible India and great people over there. My best wishes to whoever is reading this and I hope to see you at FinTree when I go there for the Level II exam.

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