Surabhi Jaju, CFA Level II Candidate - FinTree India, Pune
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Surabhi Jaju, CFA Level II Candidate

Surabhi is a CFA Level II candidate and pursuing her Ph.D in Economics from one of the most reputed universities in India.

CFA Chartered Financial Analyst. It’s rare not to see raised eyebrows and awe on a person’s face when mentioned to him/her that one is a CFA candidate. I first heard about this program in 2008 when I was in first year of my graduation (BSc. Economics). Blame it on my business family background, I was always inclined towards Finance and accountancy. Switching over to Economics after studying Science in +2 was the first step towards the goal of studying Finance.

The next obvious decision would have been to pursue an MBA in Finance. I surprised my family when I broke the news to them that I wasn’t intending to do so! In my mind, MBA is a clichéd choice and not always the best one. Since I wanted to continue studying Economics, CFA seemed like the perfect plan-of-action for me. After a great deal of research on the course and talking to people who had the relevant credentials, I was sure that someday even I would want to be a Chartered Financial Analyst.

This led me to scout for a good CFA training institute and my search came to end when I met Mr Utkarsh Jain, the co-founder of FinTree. I met him through a few of my perrs who were already preparing for the exam under him. I was convinced that I could count upon FinTree for the best possible coaching needed for the coveted CFA exam.

I have come a long way since the time I first got introduced to FinTree. Today, I am a Level II candidate and also pursuing a Masters in Economics. I have many things to thank FinTree for. The teachers and the institute was accessible 24*7 to solve even smallest of queries, doubts and questions along with undying moral and emotional support.

On a personal note, I have discovered that it is true when people say that Level II is DIFFICULT, TERRIFYING, INTIMIDATING, et al but at the same time it is equally FUN and critical to becoming a seasoned Financial Analyst.

Talking about the infrastructure of the class and environment around it, well I got a list of pros and cons!


  • There is always a cup of coffee within your arm’s reach (to make sure you are wide awake and ready to study)
  • State-of-the-art Technology (Digital boards, presentations, class room videos)
  • Innovative and unique studying techniques (‘Mobile Notes’ and ‘Sixty Minute Guide’ were a great support)
  • A good study group (As important as the classroom session)


  • Endless number of tests (Well, it is a good thing but soon it make you forget that you have a life beyond the classroom.)
  • The Barking Dog (It doesn’t stop braking and it is really loud)
  • Pune Monsoon (Heavy rains sometimes made me miss my class, much against my wish)

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