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  • A normal person spends about two-three hours travelling every day – going to work, walking down the street to buy stuff or just going for a walk. Wondering how to utilize this travel time? The geeks at FinTree have the perfect solution for you! 😀
  • FinTree’s Commuter Notes! Helping you study when you can’t!
  • Commuter Notes are short audio clips that can be downloaded on any smart phone. These audios are an interaction between the faculty and 2-3 candidates discussing a topic and will help you learn subconsciously!
  • After an amazing feedback from our classroom students, we are making these notes available to all our online students. And guess what? We are offering it at a steal..! Listen and we bet you’ll get hooked..!


Carry your curriculum on the go!

  • The “MobileNotes” is an innovative technique and study tool invented by our faculty members at FinTree.
  • The idea is to send you a series of SMS throughout the day with a specific time interval. The content of the SMS has been deliberately developed to help you understand important concepts throughout the day when you’re either working or busy with some other activities.
  • All necessary formulas and concise explanations make it an easy way to revise testable concepts anywhere, anytime!

Sixty Minute GuideTM

  • “Sixty Minute Guide” is a comprehensive tool in the form of flow charts, diagrams and tables for quick revision.
  • It makes the difficult concepts easy, facilitates Concept building and helps to memorize theory parts.
  • Various Memory techniques like mnemonics, story building makes learning effortless
  • It Helps remember concepts using pictorial memory
  • FinTree offers Sixty Minute Guide for CFA – Level I, II, III, CA Final-SFM and CA-CPT

All Night Sessions

  • “Learning right in the dark night…”
  • We have conducted All Night Sessions for certain courses such as CFA-Level I, II, CA-SFM.  Unconventional but extremely effective method, especially during exam times.
  • Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee at 2 am in your classroom trying to understand Heteroskedasticity!

Personal Training

  • At FinTree, we understand that everyone does not like sitting in the classrooms, or someone might not be comfortable with regular session schedules. To cater this need of students, we offer personal training option where classes can be scheduled as per your needs.
  • If you think that you’re not so good with any subject or just find it bland, you may always opt for personal training at FinTree.
  • Personal training sessions have helped many working professional till date to pass examinations like CFA, CA along with their busy work schedules.
  • Personal Training is available for all the professional courses offered at FinTree.


  • Every Training centre of FinTree has a StudyQubes with all the facilities which are open round the clock for our students. Also, with our faculty around, doubts can be clarified on the spot.