FRM® Part I

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Feature Basic Essential Home School Live School
Learn Learn+




Live Sessions+


Level ZeroTM + Study Planner
On-Demand Videos
Subject wise tests
Mock Exam  (total 3)
Summary Videos
Online support for doubt clearing
Placement Support(Currently available only in India)
Live Online Sessions[currently on Windows, Android devices]*
Pricing Aug 2022 $340 $420 $500.00 $540
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Pricing Nov 2022 $360 $440 $520.00 $570
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Pricing May 2023 $440 $520 $600 $680
₹30,000 ₹36,000 ₹42,000 ₹48,000


*Fees are inclusive of 18% GST

** Fees are Non-refundable


*Live Online Classroom Sessions currently available only on Windows and Android platforms.

Video Lectures: 90+ Hours of Comprehensive Video Lectures, covering each & every learning outcome in topic wise format

  • Innovative “Out of the Box” teaching techniques like stories, charts, etc. to ensure the retention of concepts.
  • Level ZeroTM Course: Video Lectures made for candidates willing to start from scratch, covering all basic concepts required for FRM Part- I Exams Including Calculator Tutorials.
  • Formula Review Video Lectures: Video Lectures for revising all the formulas in a step by step logical fashion
  • Q&A Review Videos: Video Lectures, wherein we have solved questions on every topic discussing all the tricks & techniques


Please note we have retitled our packages:

old: Premium, Premium Plus, Platinum, Platinum Plus

new: Basic, Essential, Home School, Live School respectively