FinTree Financial Services

Established in 2011, we have grown into a renowned firm with a team of dedicated experts. Our Research, Analysis, Valuation and Modeling services, are relied upon by major broking firms, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs of different sectors. Our services help decision makers and advisory firms quantify and visualize complex projects, and businesses transactions to create value for the stakeholders.

Over the years we could manage to deliver hundreds of transparent and robust models across different sectors, geographies and enterprises from start-ups to corporates. Financial due-diligence, valuations, and feasibility analysis have become the forte of the team. We divide the wide range of services into the following broad categories :

  •  Investment Research

Enables investors, wealth managers, brokers and fund managers to take informed investment decisions based on in-depth sector and economic research and detailed fundamental analysis of securities. Our research report includes deep accounting analysis with a major focus on the quality of earnings and realistic assumptions for forecasting.

  •  Transaction and Valuation Support.

We help our clients take planned and calculated decisions by providing a detailed analysis of the proposed transaction, centered around the cost and revenue drivers, potential challenges and opportunities in the deal. We are armed with sufficient expertise to support at different phases of a transaction.

  • Strategic Business Advisory Support.

We help businesses plan, budget and forecast any idea, plan or strategy to create maximum value by optimizing costs, increasing revenue or by using optimized operational activities. We believe in delivering quality work at least possible turnaround time, above everything else and our clients can vouch for the same.

By choosing FinTree Financial Services, you get an established partner with a track record of helping investors, financial consultants and businesses achieve their goals.

Our portfolio of clients come from sectors like Automotive, Chemicals, Engineering, FMCG, Industrial Products, Retail, Real Estate, Private Equity, among others.

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