What is Financial Modelling?

  • Financial Modelling involves modeling Financial Data for Decision Making.
  • Financial Modelling Skills are applied to a variety of scenarios like Equity Research, Mergers & Acquisition, Project Finance, etc.
  • Financial Modelling Certification at FinTree equips candidates to develop a model from scratch without using ready-made templates.

What are the Pre-requisites to Learn Financial Modelling Course?

  • While building the Financial Model, you’re essentially applying Valuation Principles in a real-life scenario. Therefore, we recommend candidates to develop a good understanding of Equity Valuation Methodology before taking up the course.
  • Those candidates who do not have any previous background are required to go through FinTree’s Level ZeroTM program (at no cost) before taking up Financial Modelling Certification Course.

What is the duration of the Course?

  • Typically a batch goes on for three to four months.
  • The Certification is provided by FinTree after passing the FinTree Financial Modelling Examination, candidates can then apply for jobs/internships through the FinTree Placement Cell.
  • Candidates also get access to the pre-recorded videos for various Models created in previous Modelling sessions on different sectors. The access to these videos is for six months.

What is the Course Content?
We have divided Financial Modelling Course into Four Parts:

Art of Stock Picking

We start by screening for the right stock using various advanced tools. This is where we finalize the stock that we will be valuing in our journey ahead.

Building Financial Model Infrastructure

Unlike the market trend, we do not start with pre-designed templates.

We use a clean slate and hard-code data (Financial Statements) into Excel.

Also, in this Part, we do a walk through of Industry Research Reports, Macro Economic Reports from various sources.


We will develop the skill of identifying Revenue Drivers, Cost Drivers and start Forecasting Data.

We will be extracting the real juice this part of the program!

We will also learn to prepare Debt Schedule, Working Capital Schedule, CaPex Schedule and integrate all the Schedules and Statements with each other.

Valuation and Report Writing

We start the final leg by determining the appropriate method to Value the Stock. It could be Discounted Cash Flow Method, Method of Comparables or Asset-Based Approaches.

Once we have arrived at a valuation for the company we write an Equity Research Report. This concludes the Financial Modelling Course.

But wait a moment…

If you do not use these skills that you have developed over the past few months to build your own Financial Models you will be back to square one!

So ensure that you go back and make as many models as possible to enhance the skill that you have learned thorough-out the course.

Is there any opportunity to work on live projects?
FinTree has strong associations with many Equity Research houses in India (mostly through its alumni base).
Many candidates are provided internship/jobs right after the financial modelling course completion. Also, since we have candidates spread across the world, you get exposure to different markets across the globe.

Where will these classes be conducted?
Financial Modelling Course is conducted Offline in Pune and Live Online on Every Saturday from 12 PM to 3 PM IST!

Live Online they can attend through Zoom.

Contact Us for more info : Please change the contact to +91 88887 33330 (10am-7pm IST, Except Monday) or admin@fintreeindia.com.

Can this course be taken online?
Yes. This course can be taken completely online!

You can also watch sample video tutorials here

You can purchase the course by clicking on the link given below:
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