• New Live Broadcasted to Classroom/Live Online Batch Starting from 15 Jan. 
  • Duration 3 Month
  • Time: Saturday 6 – 9 pm


Most frequent questions and answers
You may register at any time before 15 Jan 2022. However, we recommend you to register as soon as possible. The rationale behind this would be for you to acquaint yourself with our Financial Modeling course content which is available on-demand in the prerecorded format. On doing so, you will be able to confidently approach the live sessions that would take place from the month of January.
The live sessions to take place in January will be streamed at our centres in Bengaluru, and Pune.
Mr Utkarsh Jain will not be physically present at any of our centres for these sessions. Sessions will broadcasted to Classroom.
Sessions will be available over Zoom or FinTree App
You may write to dashrath@fintreeindia.com and our Admin will inform/assist you further.
You may write to dashrath@fintreeindia.com and our Technical Team will inform/assist you further.
Our team would be generally maintaining communication over WhatsApp. Information on how to stay updated with the live sessions will be made known to you after you have purchased the course.
You must have a working laptop/PC to be able to effectively learn this course.