CFA Institute to Complete Digital Transition of CFA Program Level I in 2021

Outline [Digital Transition of CFA Level I in 2021]
“The CFA Institute has chosen Prometric as the partner for conducting the CFA Level I exam. The transition to Prometric’s online platform will complete by 2021.”
The CFA Institute will transition the CFA Level I Program to computer-based testing (CBT) commencing from the year 2021. This is in culmination to 60 years of administering the CFA Program exams in a paper-based format. Most importantly, the shift helps the CFA Institute maintain gait with the progress of examination and enhance a candidate’s experience. The new development facilitates broader venue selection, more adjustable schedule management, and quicker examination result-delivery.
Paul Smith, CFA, the president and the CEO of CFA Institute stated many key points that are of note. The focus, which is noteworthy, is that the utmost preference would be to maintain the model set by the CFA Program and its’ charter.
The security of the exam and the degree of exactness expected from candidates facilitate this. The digital revolution for the CFA Program is constituent of providing computer-based testing. A digital-learning platform that has been made available to candidates of the CFA Level I Program is the Learning Ecosystem. The LES provides access to the Level I CFA Program curriculum and handy tools, helping candidates monitor their progress.
Subsequent to extensive study, the CFA Institute selected Prometric, a luminary in the distinction of service for the testing industry. Consequently, Prometric’s relentless investment in groundbreaking technologies will see an upsurge in the reach of the CFA Program globally.
Charlie Kernan, president, and CEO of Prometric mentioned of the esteem, to be elected as a vendor for the CFA Program. Above all, he exclaimed of the eagerness to work with the CFA Institute in this new venture. The launch of the CFA Program Level I exam on the new platform is expected to take place in 2021. Hope this Digital Transition of CFA Level I in 2021 is great Innovation.