• A normal person spends about two-three hours travelling every day – going to work, walking down the street to buy stuff or just going for a walk. Wondering how to utilize this travel time? The geeks at FinTree have the perfect solution for you! 😀
  • FinTree’s Commuter Notes! Helping you study when you can’t!
  • Commuter Notes are short audio clips that can be downloaded on any smartphone. These audios are an interaction between the faculty and 2-3 candidates discussing a topic and will help you learn subconsciously!
  • After an amazing feedback from our classroom students, we are making these notes available to all our online students. And guess what? We are offering it at a steal..! Listen and we bet you’ll get hooked..!


JuiceNotes comes from years of experience. Our team has created the JuiceNotes to help you in the optimal preparation for your exam. These notes will provide you the gist of the entire syllabus, organized in a LOS-wise fashion. These are all you need for a wholesome revision and we ensure that nothing is missed. Click here to know more

Learning-Outcome-based Question-Bank

We understand the overwhelm that you encounter when observing the sheer mass of study material you must sift through and also understand so as to be ready for exam day.

To help you navigate your preparation smoothly, we have prepared Question Banks for each and every learning outcome of the CFA Program (currently for CFA Level I) so that you can approach every reading with confidence!

Warm-Up and Jamming Sessions

Just as no exercise can begin without a warm-up, we never begin a session without a round of our renowned Warm-Up Session. Nothing like a re-cap can freshen your memory and prepare you for the crucial part, which is the main session that we conduct.

We turn up the heat during our Jamming Sessions where rapid-fire questions are thrown at you to answer, interspersed with humor to add spice to an ending session! Jamming brings out the energy in you in what would have otherwise been an exhausting barrage of bookish knowledge thrown at you to absorb during a session.