Revision Pack with JuiceNotes


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The Revision package provides the key components essential to revise for your exam in a rapidly comprehensive manner. The package includes:

  • Downloadable PDF e-books of the latest edition of FinTree JuiceNotes over FinTree Learning Management System (LMS)
  • 6 Mock Exams in the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format over FinTree LMS
  • Summary Videos aka Crash Course Videos[OnDemandVideos] over FinTree app
  • Validity 1 month
    • 25 Hours Summary Videos for CFA L1,
    • 45 Hours Crash Course for CFA L2,


  • How do I access the Revision package?

             The JuiceNotes and the Mock Exams are accessible over and the Summary Videos are accessible over the FinTree app.

  • How many topics are addressed in the Summary Videos/CrashCourse?

              The Highley tested topics of the course are addressed.

  • What are the steps to take to access the Revision package?

   i.  Complete your purchase of the package through this page

  ii.  Create a username here –

 iii.  Download and register on FinTree App

 iv.  Share your registered email address, full name, exam window, and transaction details to

             Our Admin will activate the course package for you subsequent to verification.

  • What is the validity of the package?

The package is valid until the exam window you mention to our Admin.

  • If I encounter any issues before, during, or after purchase, who do I reach out to?

You may make your concern(s) known via email to and our Admin Team will assist/inform you further to resolve your concern(s).

  • How do I obtain the FinTree app to watch Summary Videos?

Step 1: Download the app from the below link.

Windows Desktop and android  app download link:

Step 2: Install downloaded app

Step 3: Log in with your registered email id through OTP

Step 4: You will get your live/ and recorded video course access within 24 hours from app installation.

(Until the course access, your app will look blank, do not panic we can track the entry of each student)

Step 5: Share your email id on for access.

On encountering issues at any step, kindly write to


      • You will get only 1 device access through your registered mobile number, any 1 Mobile and any 1 Laptop/Desktop
      • You can access only one device at one time. You can’t use both devices simultaneously.
      • Choose your devices before login, you can’t change your device after this login
      • If while installation desktop app ask for 64bit system or you will get completely blank screen, kindly update your laptop/desktop OS to windows8 or windows10
      • For a better experience of video lectures, kindly maintain an internet speed of 2mbps
  • Which version of the JuiceNotes is included in the package?

The version relevant to this year’s exams is provided in the course package.


  • What are the system requirements for the Mock exams?

Mock exams accessed through SEB, Before beginning with the CBT Mock Experience, kindly ensure that your PC meets the following system requirements:

System Requirements:

      1. Operating System – Mac (10.14+) or Windows 8+
      2. RAM Required: 2 GB
      3. Software space (SEB) required : 500 MB
      4. iOS and Android versions are not available

Steps to install SEB:

      1. Start the Sample Test before starting the Mock Exam. To proceed with this, download the Safe Browser application (download the application based on your operating system i.e. Windows or iOS)
      2. Single-click the downloaded file. A dialog box will open, with the option to install the application.
      3. Click ‘Install’ to proceed with the installation. You will be prompted when the installation is complete. The dialog box will then have two options – Restart and Close. Kindly select ‘Close’.
      4. Click on the tab with the Learning Management System (LMS) on display and click on ‘Launch Safe Exam Browser. A browser dialog box will open with the option to ‘Open Safe Browser’ which you may click.
      5. On opening the Safe Exam Browser application, you will need to log in using your FinTree username and password.
      6. You will now see the button ‘Attempt Quiz Now’. Click on it and a dialog box will appear on which you may click ‘Start attempt’.
      7. On beginning your attempt, you will be able to switch between questions through the navigation box on the top-left, which will also have a countdown timer. In the final page of the exam, you may click on ‘Finish Attempt’ after completing the CBT exam.
      8. The next screen will show you a summary of the questions you have and have not attempted. If the countdown timer has time remaining, you will have the option to ‘Return to attempt’ or ‘Submit all and Finish’. Clicking the first option will return you to the exam while the second option will irreversibly save your progress. You cannot return to your attempt after clicking ‘Submit All and Finish.
      9. On clicking this option, a dialog box appears to re-confirm your decision. You may click ‘Submit all and Finish’ to submit your answers or click ‘Cancel’ to not do so and review your choices.
      10. You will be directed to a page that will help you to review your selected options.


*Fees are inclusive of 18% GST

** Fees are Non-refundable