New FinTree Batch 
for Nov 2022 CFA Level I Exam

We are pleased to announce the start of a new batch for the Nov 2022 CFA Level I exam.


Days & Time:

Sundays: 8 am – 12 pm IST and

Mondays-Thursdays: 8 am – 9 am IST



L J Seminar Hall

364, 1st Floor, Parvati Gangadhar Bhuvan

C/D, NC Kelkar Road, behind Punjab National Bank

Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400028




Live via the FinTree App

Duration: 6 months

Instructor: Utkarsh Jain

For pricing and other features, see below—




Home School

Live School 





Live Sessions+Learn+Practice+Revise

Level ZeroTM + Study Planner

On-Demand Videos

Question Bank

Subjects wise tests

Mock Exam  (total 3)



Summary Videos

Online support for doubt clearing

Placement Support(Currently available only in India)

Live Online Sessions[currently on Windows, Android devices]*






Pricing Nov 2022















Pricing Feb 2023















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*Live Online Classroom Sessions currently available only on Windows and Android platforms.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our Basic, Essential, and Home School packages are generally suitable for individuals who have severe time constraints and would highly prefer flexibility in their study routine.

Our Live School package has live online sessions and is generally suitable for individuals who prefer to have a trainer provide guidance until the day of the exam.

Your access to a purchased course package is valid until the exam window you selected when you purchased the course package.

Access to your purchased course can be extended if you are unable to pass your exam. Requests for extensions must be made known via email to, after which our Admin will inform you further on the steps to take for extending your access.

Yes. You may upgrade your current package to a higher package with more features.

You may upgrade your course package at any time after you purchase a respective package.

To upgrade your course package, you must write an email to, requesting for assistance with upgrading your current course package. Our Admin will inform and/or assist you further in this process.

You will need to pay the price differential between your desired package and your current package.

A downgrade of package is not possible.

A full refund is available within two (2) business days of your purchase of a Premium or Premium Plus course package. There is no refund available for the Platinum or the Platinum Plus course packages as they consist of course components that can be downloaded.

Our Refund Policy is mentioned in detail in section 9(iv) of our Terms of Use. Click here to see all our Terms of Use –

Follow the steps below to obtain access to your FinTree course package. Access is granted by our Admin in less than 24 hours of making your payment and sending the email in step #2:

  1. You must create an account with FinTree by clicking the link below- (you may ignore this step if you already have an existing username)
  2. You may then send a service request for access to the FinTree Learning Management System (LMS) via email to, containing your:

(i) full name

(ii) your newly-created/existing FinTree username

(iii) your email address

(iv) course (CFA Level I | Level II | Level III | FRM Part I | Part II | Financial Modeling)

(v) course package applied for, if relevant (Premium | Premium Plus | Platinum | Platinum Plus)

(vi) and payment confirmation/transaction details.


The FinTree Admin will assist/inform you further in this regard over email after processing the details provided by you.

We have two payment options: PayPal and PayU.

PayU is a payment gateway that can facilitate payments through credit card and debit card.

Credit cards we accept through PayU are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, UnionPay, or JCB

You must click a screenshot of the error message being displayed and share it via email to Our Admin will assist you further with troubleshooting the issue.

You may make your request for payment assistance known to our Admin via email to and our Admin will duly assist you with a solution.

A receipt is made available to you on completing the full payment for the course you purchased. This receipt is made available over e-mail by our Admin.

The course components in your package vary by the package you purchase.


The Basic package has our Learning Tools.

The Essential package has our Learning and Practice Tools.

The Home School package has our Learning, Practice, and Revision Tools.

The Live School package has our Learning, Practice, and Revision Tools and our Live Online sessions (over the FinTree App).

Our Learning Tools include the Level Zero module, the Study Planner, and the Video Tutorials.

The Level Zero module is a module that helps you build a foundation prior to the start of your study for finance. This module contains 25 hours of video content that addresses basic concepts required to adequately tackle your course of study for the CFA or the FRM Program.

The Study Planner is a spreadsheet that helps you determine the readings or chapters to look into frequently.

Video tutorials are our pre-recorded, on-demand video content that is available on our Learning Management System (LMS) online in a non-downloadable format.

Our video content is currently unavailable for viewing offline.

Our pre-recorded video content can be played an unlimited number of times until the expiry of your course package.

Our CFA Level I video tutorials are 130 hours in length.

The Practice Tools include: the Question Bank, Subject-Based Tests, and Mock Exams.

The Question Bank contains 3,000+ questions for all the 10 topics of the CFA Level I exam on our Learning Management System (LMS).

  1. You can flag a question. Flagging allows you to study or review the question later.
  2. You can check your answer to the current question before progressing to the next question. On doing so, the solution is displayed and the system indicates if your selected option was correct or incorrect.
  3. You can review your answers on submitting your test to our system. The review page shows the time taken to complete the test and your result in individual questions, as well as, an overall score.
  1. These tests are based on the topics of the CFA Program. They comprehensively address the ten topics and are an essential part of your revision process. It is recommended that you use these tests to determine your standing for a specific topic. The tests are available in the e-format on our Learning Management System (LMS) online.

We make available 3 mock exams to prepare you for your actual exam-day experience. The mock exams are in the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format over our Learning Management System (LMS) online.

With the advent of Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and the phasing out of Paper-Based Testing (PBT), we have created our mock exams to mimic your exam day experience, as close as possible, over a computer. This is designed to help you prepare adequately for the new experience that you would face as a candidate considering the technological edge that the exam-day experience has taken.

Our Revision tools include: JuiceNotes, CommuterNotes, Summary Videos, Online Support for Study Queries, Placement Support, and Formula Review Videos.

FinTree JuiceNotes is a revision-based study material that helps you to quickly grasp the prescribed learning outcomes in your study curriculum for your exam. Our JuiceNotes are generally about 300 pages in total and summarize the enormous volumes of study content in the CFA curriculum into flowcharts, diagrams, and summaries so that you can rapidly absorb the content that we have condensed.

All JuiceNotes are made available in the pdf format over our Learning Management System (LMS) in the Revise section. We do not provide hard copies of the CFA Level I JuiceNotes can also be purchased as a paperback over Amazon India.

Purchasing the FinTree CFA Level I Home School or Live School course package provides you access to the pdf version of our JuiceNotes. The price of the pdf version is included in the price of the package.

The paperback version of the JuiceNotes is not included in the course package. To obtain your paperback copy of the JuiceNotes, you will be required to purchase it separately over Amazon India.

Our delivery partner Amazon India, would inform you of the details of the delivery of the JuiceNotes to your location. We advise you to check your dashboard on Amazon India to duly be updated of your delivery.

CommuterNotes are downloadable audio mp3s that broadly address the topics of the CFA Level I Course. These mp3s help you study during your commute or travel.

Summary Videos are pre-recorded video content that summarize our Video Tutorials for all topics/books of your CFA/FRM course.


During the course of your study, questions and queries would arise. Over our Learning Management System (LMS) forums, you may raise your study queries and begin a discussion over our forum with other participants. The forum also would show questions asked in the past, which might also happen to be a question you would currently be having. We also have a dedicated email address for study queries.

Live School subscribers additionally get access to the WhatsApp groups over which they may participate in discussion with other group members about their study queries.

We offer placement assistance (currently in India only) whereby the firms we have a tie-up with, make known to our current Home School and Live School subscribers of the opportunities available in the finance industry. This feature helps you fulfill the work experience requirement laid by the CFA Institute.


Click here to learn more about our Placements –

Placement Support is valid for a lifetime. We do not provide a guarantee on placements. Placements are made known based on the opportunities that arise in the job market.

Our trainer Mr Utkarsh Jain, conducts live sessions over the FinTree App, to help candidates prepare for their exam.


A detailed schedule of sessions with information on dates, timings, duration, and topics to be addressed is available here –