This is our story! And you’re part of it. We are one of the leading prep providers for finance-related courses and we could not make it this far without you! Since our inception, our mission is to help people grow and gain a good trajectory in the finance industry. The journey so far has been thrilling as we have seen people come to us and leave transformed with knowledge and the tools needed for a finance career.

The timeline underneath shows the milestones that we have achieved over the years.

  • FinTree Milestone

  • 2011

  • FinTree Born

    December - FinTree is born in Pune and the first CFA Level I sessions are held

  • 2012

  • CFA Level II and III

    Sessions for CFA Levels II & III are introduced

  • 2014

  • FRM Part I

    FRM Part I is introduced

  • FinTree E-Learning

    The FinTree Learning Management System (LMS) is born

  • 2015

  • Financial Modelling

    FinTree’s first in-house course ‘The FinTree Financial Modeling Course’ is introduced

  • 2016

  • FRM and CFP

    FRM Part II & the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Program are introduced

  • New Office Location

    January - FinTree moves to a new classroom location in response to growth in the candidate number

  • FinTree in Mumbai

    June- FinTree opens its doors to candidates in Mumbai

  • 2019

  • FinTree in Bangalore

    June- FinTree opens its doors to candidates in Bangalore

  • 2020

  • FinTree in Hyderabad

    Feb- FinTree opens its doors to candidates in Hyderabad

  • 2021

  • Launched FinTree App

    Now Candidates can attend live sessions within the App and get archive of videos within a few minutes.