Most frequent questions and answers

‼️ *Important Update* ‼️

*Step 1: Download new apps from the below links.


*Step 2: Install downloaded apps (For desktop/laptop installation process, kindly refer to Image 1 and Image 2)

*Step 3: Log in with your registered email id through OTP

*Step 4: You will get your live/ and recorded video course access within 48 hours from app installation.

*(Until the course access, your app will look blank, do not panic we can track the entry of each student)*

*Step 5:* Follow the above steps and just wait for the next update.


1) You will get only 1 device access through your registered email id, any 1 Mobile or any 1 Laptop/Desktop

2) Choose your device before login, you can’t change your device after this login

3) If while installation desktop app ask for 64bit system or you will get completely blank screen, kindly update your laptop/desktop OS to windows8 or windows10

4) For a better experience of video lectures, kindly maintain internet speed of 2mbps

For a user account, only a single log-in is allowed.

We wish to inform you that we will be unable to deliver an app for you to attend these live-steaming sessions for the exam. We are working to bring this experience to Apple device users in future sessions.

Currently, we are conducting live sessions for Level Zero on Each Saturday 4.30 pm.

To get the link, Please write us on dashrath@fintreeindia.com