Suyog Dighe

Welcome to the Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship Program, a tribute to an extraordinary student whose dedication and spirit continue to inspire us. This scholarship supports exceptional students facing financial challenges in pursuing their financial goals. We honor Suyog Babasaheb Dighe’s legacy by empowering aspiring individuals committed to achieving their dreams through hard work. Join us in celebrating their memory and assisting the next generation of financial achievers.


The Student’s Legacy

Suyog Babasaheb Dighe’s legacy is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and unwavering spirit. Hailing from the picturesque town of Sangamner in Maharashtra, Suyog embarked on a journey with dreams of becoming a cricket master. However, fate had other plans when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world, prompting Suyog to redirect his path towards pursuing the CFA Level 1 program.

Suyog’s new adventure in the world of finance was marked by an extraordinary commitment to his studies. With unparalleled dedication, relentless hustle, and a deep passion for the subject matter, he left an indelible mark on those who knew him. In every test he took, he achieved the highest scores, setting an example of excellence for all.

But what truly defined Suyog was not only his academic prowess but also his remarkable resilience. He found himself living alone in the fast-paced city, far from his hometown and family. Despite the challenges of navigating the bustling urban environment, he remained undeterred in his pursuit of knowledge.

Staying dedicated to his studies, Suyog was always up-to-date before classes, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his education. His determination shone as a guiding light for those around him, a testament to his ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

But dreams, as he often reminded us, are dreams until we turn them into reality. Tragically, we had to bid farewell to Suyog, a remarkable young man who, at the age of 21, left us with a wealth of wisdom and motivation. At this young age, he aspired to retire his entire family, a noble goal that reflected his deep love and commitment to those closest to him and his beloved hometown of Sangamner.

Suyog was not only a dedicated student but also a caring friend who valued relationships and sought to make a positive impact on the lives of those he encountered. His dreams extended beyond personal success; they included uplifting his family and community, a testament to his selflessness and the values instilled in him by his small-town roots.

Suyog Dighe’s legacy continues to inspire us all, urging us to approach our ambitions with the same vigor and positivity that defined his too-short but impactful journey. As we remember him, we are reminded that it is possible to achieve greatness through dedication and the pursuit of our dreams, all while cherishing the bonds we form in this beautiful journey called life.


Scholarship Details

The primary objective of the Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship Program is to pay homage to the memory of our inspirational student, Suyog. This program is designed to provide deserving students with valuable educational opportunities, aligning with Suyog’s commitment to personal growth and academic excellence.

The scholarship’s value is immeasurable: selected recipients are granted free enrollment in their chosen courses. This eliminates financial barriers, enabling students to focus solely on their studies and excel academically.

The selection process involves a comprehensive evaluation of candidates based on the following criteria:

Financial Status: Assessing the candidate’s financial need.
Educational Background: Considering the candidate’s academic history.
Extra-Curricular Activities: Evaluating the candidate’s involvement in extracurricular activities.
Medical Problems: Taking into account any medical challenges the candidate may face.
Level Zero Achievement: Recognizing candidates who have successfully completed Level Zero and achieved high scores.
View on Contribution to Society: Understanding the candidate’s perspective on how their enrolled course will enable them to contribute positively to society.
Goals in Life: Assessing the candidate’s aspirations and life goals.
The scholarship selection process includes three comprehensive interviews. These interviews allow us to gain a deeper understanding of each candidate’s unique qualities and their alignment with Suyog’s dedication and values.

The final selection round is conducted by FinTree Educational Pvt Ltd management, ensuring a fair and impartial assessment of all candidates. This rigorous selection process guarantees that the most deserving individuals are granted the scholarship, upholding the memory of Suyog and his commitment to personal and educational growth.


Application Process

To apply for the Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship:

  1. Fill out the application form, which is available on our website.
  2. If you meet the criteria, our FinTree team will contact you via email to schedule interviews.
  3. There will be three comprehensive interviews to assess your dedication, achievements, and alignment with the scholarship’s objectives.

Additional documents such as transcripts or letters of recommendation may be required as part of the application process.


Selection Committee

Our selection committee consists of three rounds:

1. FinTree Team: Initial evaluation by experienced professionals to ensure eligibility.
2. FinTree HR: Assessment of shortlisted candidates’ alignment with scholarship values.
3. FinTree Management: Final selection by seasoned leaders committed to fairness and integrity.

This multi-round committee ensures that the scholarship is awarded to the most deserving candidates who carry forward Suyog’s legacy of dedication and values.


Awarding and Recognition

Recipients of the Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship will be notified of their selection by the FinTree team via email once they are deemed eligible for the scholarship based on the rigorous selection process.

To honor both the scholarship recipients and the cherished memory of Suyog, we are planning a special award ceremony and recognition event. Details of this event will be communicated directly to the selected scholarship recipients, providing them with a momentous occasion to celebrate their achievements and the enduring legacy of Suyog.


Scholarship Impact

The Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship aims for a long-term perspective. We envision our recipients succeeding in life with enthusiasm and achieving their goals. We hope they contribute positively to society, becoming sources of inspiration themselves.

We encourage past scholarship recipients to share their journey and valuable comments, contributing to the ongoing inspiration for others. Together, we aim to create a brighter future where dedication and knowledge drive positive change.


Contact Information

For inquiries related to the Suyog Babasaheb Dighe Memorial Scholarship Program, please visit for more details and updates regarding the scholarship program.