This scholarship is intended for University and college professors teaching topics found in Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). You should be a professor teaching 6 credit hours per quarter or semester (or equivalent) on a full-time basis at one university or college OR an administrator/head teaching 3 credit hours per quarter or semester (or equivalent) at one university or college. February 1 for June exam and September 1 for December exam are the registration dates for the scholarship. Registration for this is available online. It reduces your fee to USD 350.


How To Apply

1) Complete your online application on the CFA Institute website

2) Obtain a confirmation letter from an institution administrator

3) Provide your CV

4) Provide employment verification and

5) Submit the online verification and your materials



Scholarships are under the discretion of the CFA Institute and no one is promised a scholarship. The scholarship can be used only for the exam which it is intended for. Failing to abide by the policies of the CFA Institute can cause your scholarships to be forfeited. A scholarship recipient’s details can be shared to a local CFA Institute Society. Your exam result can be shared with a local CFA Institute Society, education institution, or employer.

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