The CFA Institute Access Scholarship Program is designed to make CFA programs more available to individuals who may not be able to afford the full Fees. It is open to those who fulfill the CFA Program Enrollment Requirements.

The window is from March 1 -September 15 and the acceptance/rejection of your scholarship request is made known on December 1. Registration for this is available online only. The Access Scholarship reduces your fee to USD 250. The local CFA Institute Member Society will have access to your application data. A society may conduct reference checks or personal interviews. You can only obtain one Access scholarship in a calendar year.


If you apply for the Access scholarship and another scholarship and receive one award, the other application will be nullified. The award must be used for the exam year granted and cannot be deferred. If you fail to follow CFA Institute policies, your scholarship will be forfeited. Failure on your part to register for an exam for which the scholarship applies renders you ineligible for consideration in receiving scholarships in the future.

A scholarship recipient’s exam result will be shared with the local CFA Institute Member Society You are ineligible for the scholarship if you receive any financial assistance for participation in the CFA Program. If you pay the CFA exam fees while your scholarship application is in the process, you have demonstrated your financial ability to afford the exam and your scholarship application will be voided.

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