FinTree Financial Modeling Testing

We are glad to announce that tests will be held monthly for the Financial Modeling Course. The FinTree Financial Modeling Course helps you build a strong foundation in your finance career and we have taken the initiative to facilitate your fast track to finance.

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The Financial Modeling Tests will be held on the following dates:

Day Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
Date  NA

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The model of a FinTree Financial Modeling Test provided underneath will help you understand what a test paper will look like on the above-mentioned dates.

Testing Guidelines

    1. Testing time is of 10 hours in duration from 8 am to 6 pm on the testing day.
    1. We recommend you have an internet connection and a personal computer with spreadsheet software.
    1. You will be required to download a file containing the questions, made available to you via email.
    1. Every question has a deadline which will be mentioned on the question sheet.
    1. Please read the instructions and the content of the question mentioned in a respective question carefully, prior to answering.
  1. Submitting your answer after the mentioned deadline renders your answer to not be considered by our proctors; we hold this policy steadfastly as no individual shall have an unfair advantage over another in terms of time required to complete the test.


Profarma Certificate [Download]

SAMPLE TEST             [Download]

Instructions: Complete the following assignments and submit them at the under-mentioned timings to with the subject line as-

FinTree FM Test – <Your Name> – <Question No>

  1. Complete the Excel test provided in File #2. Your completed test must be sent via email by 12 pm.

Our tests will require you to have a personal computer with an office suite to be able to successfully complete the task-at-hand.

  1. Propose a three-point investment rationale (positive or negative) for the stocks below; you may use the internet. The assignment must be sent via email by 3 pm. 
      1. Acme Motors
      1. Spärson & Neubro Ltd
      1. Rijdewalde Leather Company
    1. Tringen Typewriters

We recommend you to have an internet connection to be able to receive and you’re your completed answers to questions. Your analysis will require you to reasonably justify your answer in a descriptive but concise paragraph.

Sample Questions

  1. If you had to select one stock from the FMCG sector today, which one would you select? What would be the rationale(s) behind your choice? Explain your selection in a summarized report and send via email by 4 pm.

Some questions may require you to use critical thinking backed by quantitative data to be able to adequately justify your answer. On the basis of a question, your conclusion can be either subjective or objective.

  1. Suggest a suitable stock from the energy sector in France on the basis of the P/E ratio. Submit your calculations justifying its selection in an excel file to be sent via email at or before 5 pm.

During the course of your test, pay attention to the specifics of the instructions. The question above is relatively more objective.

  1. Perform an asset-based valuation on the stocks provided underneath and provide your computations & description in an excel file to be sent via email by 6 pm:
      1. Bank of North America
      1. Westuhal Brewers
    1. A technology stock of your choice

A question may or may not require you to provide the computations you performed while solving the question. Knowledge of concepts tackled during the financial modeling course will be tested either directly or indirectly.