You must be an employee working full-time or on contract with a media-based company that communicates and disperses financial news, information, and education. February 1 for June exam and September 1 for December exam. Registration for this is available online. It reduces your fee to USD 350.

To apply,

(1) complete your online application,

(2) ask your employer to confirm you as an employee of your organization through a confirmation letter (in English) with the company letterhead,

(3) have the most recent samples of your work available, and (4) submit these documents with your application.



Scholarships are under the discretion of the CFA Institute and no one is promised a scholarship. The Media scholarship can be used only for the exam which it is intended for. Failing to abide by the policies of the CFA Institute can cause your scholarships to be forfeited. A scholarship recipient’s details can be shared to a local CFA Institute Society. Your exam result can be shared with a local CFA Institute Society, education institution, or employer. To know more and/or register, click this link