Everything you need for Fantastic results! We believe in the ‘NO FORMULA’ teaching methodology and you can do away with 80% of the memorizing! Logic is the KEY! And we will insert it in your brain-LOCK!! Enough said! FRM Online Training by FinTree.

FRM® Part I Online

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Learn Learn+Practice Learn+Practice+Revise
Level ZeroTM + Study Planner
Video tutorials
Q&A Videos
Monthly tests
Mock Exam  (total 3)
Summary Videos
Online support from faculty for doubt clearing
Placement Support(Currently available only in India)

FRM® Part II Online

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Feature Platinum
Level ZeroTM + Study Planner
Video tutorials
Downloadable PDF Files
Monthly Test
Mock Exam  (total 3)
Online support from faculty for doubt clearing
Placement Support(Currently available only in India)

Video tutorials

Gone are the days where you studied from boring, monotonous videos. Just the instructor throwing one concept after another and blah..blah..blah! We record our live sessions in class and then these are made available online. Queries from our classroom students are recorded and the sessions are very interactive. We guarantee that you will never doze off!! Interesting examples, real-time financial market updates, interesting stories from the finance world and what not! With us, you will never study just for the exam! You will get much more! Here are is a sneak-peak:

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Not from the finance background? Studying after a long time? Don’t remember concepts from college? Worry not! We have the perfect way out for you! We will teach you everything that you are expected to know before starting FRM® Part I..! Right from how to use the financial calculator to equity & derivatives concepts – so just enrol and start right away..! And guess what? Level 0 is free for all our Part I students!!

Study Planner

The complete solution to managing your topic-wise study! All you need to do is enter your difficulty perception for the topic and viola! It will give you when and how many times you need to revise the topic.

Full-length Mock Tests

With years of teaching experience and past candidate experience, our faculty puts together high quality, actual exam like mock tests to assure impeccable performance on the exam!

Online support for doubt solving

Have a doubt that Google cannot explain? Team FinTree to the rescue! Just drop an email and the solution will be in your inbox within one working day. We assure you full support till the last minute. Appreciation emails are welcome too!!

Question and Answer Review Videos[Currently Only For Part I]

Exhaustive Q&A videos that will guide you about the right way to solve the questions of almost each type from every topic!

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